Other Events


                                                                            OVER 2 PACKED
                                                                            THE EUROPEAN
                                                                            SMART HOMES SUMMIT
                                                                            SMART METERING & GRIDS
                                                                            CYBER SECURITY SUMMIT
                                                                            Smart Metering UK &
                                                                            Europe Summit 2013
                                                                            The largest Smart Metering &
                                                                            Grids conference in the UK!
                                                                            The European
                                                                            Smart Metering Awards
                                                                            The leading Smart Metering
                                                                            Awards Ceremony in Europe!
                                                                            The European Smart
                                                                            Homes Summit
                                                                            New to 2013 the Smart Homes
                                                                            Conference & Exhibition
                                                                            Smart Metering & Grids
                                                                            Cyber Security Summit
                                                                            Discuss one of smart metering's
                                                                            most pressing issues at the
                                                                            industries largest smart
                                                                            metering gathering in the UK
                                                                            JEREMY HEATH, Network Manager,
                                                                            SUTTON AND EAST SURREY WATER PLC
                                                                            PAUL GLASS, Metering Manager
                                                                            (Change), ANGLIAN WATER
                                                                            MARK BLASMAN, VP Marketing
                                                                            and Smart Grid Product
                                                                            Development, JOMAR
                                                                            DR RICARDO WISSMANN ALVES,
                                                                            Innovation Metering Projects
                                                                            Manager, THAMES WATER
                                                                            MRS. SUSAN FURNELL, Head of
                                                                            Smart Networks, RWE NPOWER
                                                                            CHRIS WARD, Security Lead,
                                                                            Business Change - Smart
                                                                            Programme, RWE NPOWER
                                                                            NEIL PENNINGTON, Programmer
                                                                            Director, Smart Implementation,
                                                                            RWE NPOWER
                                                                            JOHAN SÖDERBOM, Head of
                                                                            Department, Distribution and
                                                                            Sales, VATTENFALL EUROPE
                                                                            PAUL EGGLETON, Head of
                                                                            Smart Metering, O2
                                                                            ANJA VAN NIERSEN, Product
                                                                            Manager, ALLIANDER
                                                                            NEAL COADY, Smart homes
                                                                            solution architect, BRITISH GAS
                                                                            BJARNE TUFTE, Manager,
                                                                            Network Strategy Department,
                                                                            AGDER ENERGI – NORWAY
                                                                            ASHLEY POCOCK, Head of
                                                                            Industry, Regulation & External
                                                                            Affairs, EDF ENERGY
                                                                            MIKE POPHAM, COO, CSCSS /
                                                                            CENTRE FOR STRATEGIC CYBERSPACE
                                                                            + SECURITY SCIENCE
                                                                            DIRK COSTROP, Projectleider
                                                                            Engineering Slimme Meters, EANDIS
                                                                            ANA BARRAO SANCHEZ, Chef de
                                                                            projet Smart Solutions, GDF SUEZ
                                                                            JOÃO TORRES, President,
                                                                            EDP DISTRIBUIÇÃO
                                                                            RAFAEL LECOMTE, Research
                                                                            Engineer, GDF SUEZ
                                                                            JUDITH WARD, Director,
                                                                            SUSTAINABILITY FIRST
                                                                            ZOE MCLEOD, Head of Smart
                                                                            and Sustainable Energy Markets,
                                                                            CONSUMER FOCUS
                                                                            MATT FREEMAN, Head of Smart
                                                                            Metering Programme, DNV KEMA
                                                                            ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY
                                                                            JULIEN BRETON, Management
                                                                            Project Officer, GrDF
                                                                            DR MIKE SHORT, VP Research
                                                                            and Development, O2
                                                                            ROBERT DENDA, Smart Metering
                                                                            Project Coordinator, ENDESA
                                                                            DISTRIBUCIÓN ELECTRICA
                                                                            NEAL COADY, Smart Homes
                                                                            Solution Architect, BRITISH GAS
                                                                            DR. VANGELIS OUZOUNIS, Head of
                                                                            Resilience and CIIP Unit, EUROPEAN
                                                                            NETWORK AND INFORMATION
                                                                            SECURITY AGENCY, ENISA
                                                                            MADAM CHAIRMAN:
                                                                            CATHY MANNION, Director, Electricity
                                                                            Networks and Retail, COMMISSION FOR
                                                                            ELECTRICITY REGULATION, IRELAND
                                                                            WORKSHOP SPEAKER:
                                                                            ZUBAIR KHAN, CEO, TRANCHULAS
                                                                            TOP LEVEL SPEAKERS:
                                                                            DARON WALKER, Director of
                                                                            Fuel Poverty and Smart Meters,
                                                                            Senior Responsible Owner for
                                                                            the Programme, DEPARTMENT OF
                                                                            ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE
                                                                            MAXINE FRERK, Deputy Programme
                                                                            Director and Consumer Engagement,
                                                                            Roll-out and Benefits Workstream
                                                                            Lead, DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
                                                                            AND CLIMATE CHANGE
                                                                            PHILIPPA PICKFORD, Head of
                                                                            Smart Metering, OFGEM
                                                                            JAN PANEK, Head of Unit for
                                                                            Retail Energy Markets, EUROPEAN
                                                                            COMMISSION, DG ENER
                                                                            MONIQUE JANZEN, International
                                                                            Account Director, ENCS - EUROPEAN
                                                                            NETWORK FOR CYBER SECURITY
                                                                            SALLY IRGIN, Senior Analyst, OFWAT
                                                                            CATHY MANNION, Director, Electricity
                                                                            Networks and Retail, COMMISSION FOR
                                                                            ELECTRICITY REGULATION, IRELAND
                                                                            DAVID ROSS SCOTT, Smart Industry
                                                                            Liaison Manager, SCOTTISH POWER
                                                                            ANTONELLO BUONDONNO, Head of
                                                                            Europe and Americas Development,
                                                                            ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE SPA
                                                                            MATTHIAS GRANDEL, Head
                                                                            of Technology and Solutions,
                                                                            EON METERING GMBH
                                                                            RICHARD ST CLAIR, Managing
                                                                            Director, ELSTER METERING SYSTEMS
                                                                            FRANS CAMPFENS, Senior
                                                                            Innovation Manager, LIANDER N.V.
                                                                            ISABELLE DROCHON, AMR
                                                                            Project Manager , GrDF
                                                                            ROBERT DENDA, Smart Metering
                                                                            Project Coordinator, ENDESA
                                                                            DISTRIBUCIÓN ELECTRICATO
                                                                            DOUG MCCULLEN, Vice President,
                                                                            Sales, TOA TECHNOLOGIES
                                                                            DANNY DICKS, Principal Consultant and
                                                                            Director, INNOVATION OBSERVATORY
                                                                            DAVID GREEN, Business Development
                                                                            Director, Smart Metering, SMARTREACH
                                                                            DAVID STROUD, General
                                                                            Manager,  EDMI EUROPE
                                                                            MIKE HALLEY, Vice President, TRILLIANT
                                                                            DR JOHN WALKER, Visiting Professor at
                                                                            the School of Science and Technology,
                                                                            NOTTINGHAM TRENT UNIVERSITY
                                                                            KEVIN O’MALLEY, Future City Team
                                                                            Manager, BRISTOL FUTURES
                                                                            ANTONIO AIRES MESSIAS, Head of
                                                                            Smart Grids Business Development,
                                                                            EDP DISTRIBUIÇÃO - ENERGIA, S.A.
                                                                            BRITISH GAS, Senior Representative,
                                                                            PHIL HACK, Head of Smart Metering
                                                                            Programme, UK POWER NETWORKS
                                                                            MARK CULLEN, Product & Technology
                                                                            Strategy, EON METERING GMBH

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